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What To Do After Being Bit By A Dog

An experienced dog bite lawyer understands the life-changing impact a dog bite can have on a person’s life. Both physical wounds and emotional wounds can leave a lasting impact. While the trauma associated with a dog bite can last a lifetime, it is important to note the steps you should take right after you have been bitten by a dog. 

Here, we break down the steps victims should take after being bitten by a dog.

Take Pictures

After suffering from a dog bite, it may be difficult to realize the gravity of the situation and the steps you should take. The first step in documenting a dog bite is by taking pictures of the wounded area. Be sure to take multiple high-quality pictures of the dog bite for proper documentation and take photographs of the location as well to be safe.

A personal injury lawyer such as the ones at Dishowitz Law will need pictures to validate any injuries you may have sustained. Even if you believe that you may not go to court, it is important to take pictures right away, as wounds may begin to heal with time. 

Get the Dog Owners Contact Information

Much like a regular vehicle accident, it is important to get the other person’s contact information. If you do not know the dog owner and were bitten while on a walk for instance, it is important to obtain the dog owner’s name, phone number, and other important contact details. If you are given a phone number at the scene of the accident, call the number the dog’s owner provides you right away and be sure their phone rings to ensure that the number provided was not fake. Many dog owners may try to avoid any liability related to a dog bite injury. 

Find Witnesses

Having witnesses can make the difference regarding whether you win a lawsuit or insurance claim. Witnesses can describe whether or not the dog was provoked or whether the attack was random. If there were any witnesses to the attack, be sure to obtain their contact information as well.

Medical Treatment

After a dog bite attack, it is common to be concerned about how you should proceed with medical care. Certain dog bite attacks may be more severe than others, and may require surgery. If the wounds from the attack are extensive, either call emergency services or find somebody willing to take you to a local emergency room.

Another important concern is the rabies virus. Although the virus is not common, it is important to be tested for rabies by a medical professional after a dog bite. If you know the dog’s owner and they are able to provide physical proof of a rabies vaccination after the bite occurred, you may be able to forego any treatment. Do not ask for verbal verification, as many dog owners may forget when their dog was last immunized. Rabies can occur in dogs once they have been bitten or have come into contact with wild animals that carry the virus. 

Get in Touch with Animal Control

After a dog bite has occurred, contact your local animal control to report the bite. Animal control departments keep records of dog bites and can identify whether or not a dog has been involved in multiple dog bites.

Talk to a Dog Bite Lawyer

Being bitten by a dog can be a traumatic experience, and can lead to both emotional and physical scars. Those that have been bitten by a dog are encouraged to contact a qualified dog bite attorney such as the ones at Dishowitz Law. Our experienced personal injury attorneys have helped hundreds of individuals get the compensation they deserve. To learn more, or to receive a free consultation, reach out to Dishowitz Law today or call (855) 236-3474