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Sometimes a dispute can arise from your loved one’s estate plan or lack thereof.

The team at Dishowitz Law has the proven experience necessary to handle all forms of trust and estate disputes, including litigation related to Probate, an Estate, Trust, Will, Inheritance, Trustee, or Power Of Attorney.

Common Estate Disputes

Property Distribution

Property distribution disputes may arise when the person that passed intended for somebody else to receive a certain asset, yet their estate plan did not reflect this change. These types of disputes may also arise when one party believes that an asset has been distributed unfairly.

Conflicts With The Estate Administrator Or “Personal Representative”

In the State of Florida, the person who is assigned to manage the estate after a person passes is referred to as the “personal representative,” commonly referred to as the executor. However, it is not uncommon for conflicts to arise between the executor and the beneficiaries of the estate or the family members of the deceased.

Undue Influence and Fraud

In some cases, the decedent may be coerced into making a Will change that they may not really have wanted to make through undue influence or fraud by someone who has gotten close to them near the end of their life. Additionally, disputes may arise when someone makes a change to another’s estate plan without their knowledge.

Valid Will or Trust

Disputes may arise over whether a Will or a Trust was validly drafted and executed.

Minimize Disputes

Many estate-related disputes can take years to resolve, which can lead to ever-increasing time commitments and court fees. Probate attorneys minimize the chance of disputes by handing cases efficiently.


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