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At Dishowitz Law, our team of attorneys understands and excels at handling the probate process. We work to help ensure that your loved one’s final wishes are fulfilled. While you have probably heard of the term probate, you may not actually know what probate is. Probate is a court process where a deceased person’s assets are legally transferred to their beneficiaries. Sadly, dealing with the distribution of your loved one's assets can add even more stress in an already emotional time.

Benefits of Working With a Probate Attorney

1. Faster Resolution

Multiple issues can arise when you administer an estate without the assistance of a probate attorney. These issues can become exceedingly time-consuming and costly. Working with a skilled probate attorney can help ensure your estate is administered properly and efficiently.

2. Time to Connect with Family

Estates can be a complicated and time-consuming process. The ins and outs can seem like an endless stream of details, documents, and court requirements that takes effort to manage and causes a unique kind of stress. These responsibilities can take you away from friends and family members at the time when they need you most.

3. Freedom from Liability

With so many details to manage during the probate process, it’s easy for an inexperienced administrator to make a mistake. If you fail to properly marshal assets, pay heirs or creditors, or perform other required tasks, you may be legally liable for any inadvertent errors. Your probate attorney can perform these tasks more accurately and efficiently.

4. Minimal Disputes

Estate cases sometimes trigger disputes that end up in a complex maze of litigation. The resultant court cases can take years to resolve--plus, the legal fees and expenses can reduce the estate’s value. Your probate attorney minimizes the chance of disputes by handling cases in the most efficient, professional, and timely manner.

The team at Dishowitz Law can help you step-by-step during this process-we work directly with our clients to help them navigate the probate process. From filing the proper paperwork to handling disputes, our team will guide you through the probate process with ease.


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